My Designs

How is the copyright for my designs noticed on the card?
Each card has a copyright text. If your design is sold through a card shop then your copyright will be printed on the back of card.

You can specify a standard copyright text in 'My Designs', for each card you can overrule the standard text.

How can i design a greeting card?
You can design a card with different software, we recommend using professional software like Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. It is important that the software can save your card as a jpg file.

What about color profiles?
The file you upload will be converted to RGB, to maintain the colorfastness it is desirable to use the color profile "sRGB IEC61966-2.1'.

Is it possible to sell my designs without a shop to manage?
That is possible. You can also just upload your designs so other shops that can sell them. Note that you only receive a designersfee per sold card.

What are the specs for my artwork?
Rectangle (portrait or landscape): 3577 x 2555 pixels
Square: 2669 x 2669 pixels

Rectangle (portrait or landscape): 3577 x 5110 pixels
Square: 2669 x 5338 pixels

If you want to upload an inside, you have to do this simultaneously with the outside the system automatically detects the inside and the outside.

This includes +/- 0,16 inches bleeding. Each image needs to be uploaded as a .jpg (maximum quality).

Why is my artwork not visible on sendasmile.com?
Your artwork will only be shown on sendasmile.com when your artwork is available for sale through one of the Send a Smile card shops. Just upload and wait!

My shop(s)

When i register a domainname for my shop do i also need an hosting account.
No, you only have to register a domainname and change the MX-records to

Is it possible to put my logo and URL on the back of the card.
Yes, this is possible. You can email your logo to support@sendasmile.com. The URL of your cardshop is automatically printed on the back.

Do i need to register a domainname for my card shop?
You can choose to register a domainname or you can use a domainname like: yourname.sendasmile.com (this is standard). if you want to use your own domainname you hav to change the DNS in to:

My account

Is it possible to order 10 different cards as one package?
No this is not possible, a package always consist of one and the same card.


How do you print the cards?
The cards will be printed on a HP Indigo printer. When a card is printed we stuff them in an envelop put a stamp on it and bring them to the post-office. Ypur card will be delivered in 3-5 business days.

If you order multiple cards (package), are the envelopes included?

How much is the designersfee and cardshopfee?
For every sold card you receive a fee. The fee depends on the size of the card:

Folded Greeting card
Designersfee: $ 0.30
Cardshopfee: $ 0.30

Designersfee: $ 0.40
Cardshopfee: $ 0.40

Extra Large
Designersfee: $ 0.75
Cardshopfee: $ 0.75 If your design has been sent through your cardshop then you get both fees.

When do i get my fees?
We pay every month fees to designers en cardhop owners. Every month we pay the fees for the last month (i.e. before the end of March you get your fees of February). We start paying your fee if this is more then $25.