More Information

Designer and/or card shop owner

As a designer you have the ability to create cards and place them in the general card catalog. All connected card shop owners can sell your cards through their card shop. If a card is sold, you receive as a designer the designer’s fee. The price of the designer’s fee is adjustable, contact us if you want to change your fee.

Card shop owner
As a card shop owner you have the ability to sell greeting cards through your card shop. You can sell your own designed cards (you need to activate your designer account) or you can choose from the general card catalog to create a unique collection. If a card is sold through your card shop, you will receive the card shop fee. The price of the card shop fee is adjustable, contact us if you want to change your fee.

If a card is sold through your own card shop and you are the designer, you will receive the designer fee + the card shop fee.



For each sold greeting card, the designer AND the card shop owner receive a revenue. If you are the designer and the card shop owner, you receive both:

Type of card
Designer’s fee / card shop fee
Base price

Folded card rectangle | Normal
$ 0.30 + $ 0.30 = $ 0.60 (excl. vat)
Base price: $ 2.99 (incl. vat)

Folded card rectangle | Large
$ 0.40 + $ 0.40 = $ 0.80 (excl. vat)
Base price: $ 3.99 (incl. vat)

Folded card rectangle | Extra Large
$ 0.75 + $ 0.75 = $ 1.50 (excl. vat)
Base price: $ 6.99 (incl. vat)
Folded card squared | Normal
$ 0.30 + $ 0.30 = $ 0.60 (excl. vat)
Base price: $ 2.99 (incl. vat)

Folded card squared | Large
$ 0.40 + $ 0.40 = $ 0.80 (excl. vat)
Base price: $ 3.99 (incl. vat)

Folded card squared | Extra Large
$ 0.75 + $ 0.75 = $ 1.50 (excl. vat)
Base price: $ 6.99 (incl. vat)

  • It is possible to choose cards from the general card catalog, for these cards you will receive the card shop fee.
  • it is possible to upload your own cards into the general card catalog you will only receive the designer’s fee, if your card is sold by another card shop.
  • it is possible to increase your fee to earn more.
  • we give discount for ordered packages.
  • the difference between the selling price and the fees is our revenue and operating costs (printing of the cards, logistics, ICT, administration, etc..).


When you have earned $25 or more, you will be paid. In this case all outstanding earnings will be paid at the end of the month.

Payments will be done by regular bank transfer.

Start as a Designer

After you have created your Send a Smile account you must activate your designer account to upload your artwork.

Activate Designer account
Step 1. Click in your Dashboard on the button ‘Upload your own designs’ in ‘My Designs’.
Step 2. Fill in the form, try to complete the form
Step 3. Your Designer account has been activated, now you can start uploading you designs

Upload your artwork
Step 1. First read the upload specifications (see page 5)
Step 2. Go to ‘Upload Card(s)’
Step 3. Click on ‘Select’
Step 4. Choose the files you want to upload from your computer
Step 5. Click on ‘Upload’, now your files staring to upload to our server
Step 6. When uploading is finished, you can give each card specific information.

Information per card:
You can also upload an design for the inside of a card. When you want to do this you need to upload the front and inside at the same time, the system recognize what the front or inside is (read more about specs on page 5).
Copyright text
For each card you can give an copyright text, this text will be printed on the back of the card.
Only available in my own shops
Activate this if you don’t want that other shops can sell your cards. We recommend not to activate this, the less selling chance you have.
Cover not editable
Activate this if you do not want that consumers can put text or images on top of your design.
Fill in a title for your card, the title will be shown when somebody roll over your card in a shop.
In the future the description will be shown on by your card.
Fill in the tags so consumers can find your card faster. Use only valid tags for your card, otherwise the consumer will be irritated.

Step 7. Click on ‘Save’ to save your card

Now you have uploaded your cards (and if you did not activate ‘Only available in my own shops’) your designs are available for cardshop owners.

When your designs are chosen by card shop owners your card will be shown on

Setup your card shop

To start a card to shop, you must create an account to access the admin panel. Through the admin panel, you have the ability to upload your designs and/or set up your shop. You also have access to the statistics of viewed and sold cards.


Once you have registered, you will need to follow the following steps in de admin panel:

  1. ‘My Designs’ activate your account by completing all information. Once activated, you can upload your own designs (only necessay if you want to sell your own work).
  2. ‘My Shops’ start a shop and complete your information. Read carefully the information about the domain setup. (Tip! click on the info button by every field).
  3. If your shop has been created, (see example below) you can construct your own style. The main elements can be modified via the menu ‘Layout’.
  4. You can add your own cards or choose cards from the general card catalog (community) to organize your shop.
  5. If your shop is ready, you can activate it. This can be done by clicking ‘Shop Info‘ at the bottom ofthe page.


Card Formats

Rectangle (portrait or landscape): 3577 x 2555 pixels
Square: 2669 x 2669 pixels

Rectangle (portrait or landscape): 3577 x 5110 pixels
Square: 2669 x 5338 pixels

If you want to upload an inside, you have to do this simultaneously with the outside the system automatically detects the inside and the outside.

This includes +/- 0,16 inches bleeding.

Each image needs to be be uploaded as a .jpg (maximum quality).

Domain name

Your card shop is running on Send A Smile’s Web server, there are three possibilities;

  1. Your card shop can be accessed by a subdomain on (i.e.
  2. The card shop is accessible on a subdomain of an already existing domain name. (i.e.
  3. The card shop is accessible on your own domain name. (i.e.
The domain name must refer to our web server, this is possible by changing the DNS in the following IP-address:


  1. Send us a test file of your design so we can check whether it is good.
  2. Place an attractive banner on your website (if you have one) to promote your card store.
  3. Use as much media as possible to promote your card store such as newsletters, Twitter and LinkedIn.
  4. Use maximum tags (keywords) to a card so it is easy to find. Use only relevant keywords, incorrect keywords result in a disappointed buyer.
  5. Make logical categories.
  6. Send cards to your family and friends now, promote your own card shop.