For organizations

Send a Smile, the online platform for greeting cards is offering non-profit organizations and companies the opportunity to start their own greeting card webshop. Thanks to our Send a Smile software a brand new webshop is up and running within minutes. A basic Send a Smile webshop is provided with every functionality needed to start a greeting card shop such as online personalization, printing- and mailing services.

We offer you a ready-to-use product, you don’t need to invest in an (expensive) personalized system ánd you benefit from our software development. We guarantee you a webshop updated with the latest software developments..

Within our basic webshop design it is possible to adjust the shop to your own corporate identity. If you want a more personal approach within the use of Send a Smile software, we can design a new webshop according to your wishes.

Our services
- Supporting you in starting and erecting your webshop

- Adjusting a basic Send a Smile webshop to your specific wishes

- Maintaining and developing the Send a Smile software to the latest developments

- Printing the sold greeting cards

- Franking and offering the greeting cards to the national postal service.

Business Model
For every greeting card sold, you receive a part of the income. The back-office offers you real time statistics on how many times a card is sold. Payment of the fees are done on a monthly basis.

Send a Smile is a great business opportunity for:

Non-profit organizations
Having your own greeting card webshop is a great marketing tool to generate extra revenue. For each greeting card sold, your organisation receives a part of the income. A Donate button gives your customers the possibility to make an extra donation on top of the total amount for ordered greeting cards.

Commercial organisations
Having your own greeting card webshop is a great marketing tool. For example, sending Christmas cards to your employees or clients has never been easier.

Are you a professional designer and are you looking for a way to expose and sell your designs commercially? Having your own greeting card webshop is the perfect solution.

We’d like to emphasize that Send a Smile is not a (photography) portfolio, but a platform for commercial greeting cards. Designs must be suitable for this purpose.

Are you a business owner interested in starting your own online greeting card shop? Please contact Send a Smile at: +31 (0)10 4780633.

Are you a designer interested in uploading your designs and start your own greeting card shop? Please mail to

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