For designers

Send a Smile offers professional greeting card designers an easy opportunity to submit their unique designs to hundreds of online international greeting card webshops.

Whenever a greeting card is sold and mailed, the designer receives a copyright-fee for the use of their design. Send a Smile is offering a real time overview of sales statistics. An excellent opportunity for a designer to expand the commercial possibilities of their designs. Payment of the copyright-fee is done on a monthly basis.

Besides submitting greeting card designs for other shopowners to sell, designers can also start their own greeting card webshop where they can (exclusively) sell their own designs. Whenever a greeting card is sold and mailed, the shopowner receives a shop-fee for selling a greeting card. Payment of the shop-fee is done on a monthly basis

A designer who starts a webshop with their own designs will receive both copyright-fee and shop-fee.

BE CAREFUL! Send a Smile represents creative freedom and respect for all designers. Other than some other online creative companies, submitted designs are not screened or pre-selected. Neither do we ask you to hand over copyrights. Designers with a Send a Smile account are free to use their designs for other commercial purposes.

We’ve learned from experience that designers sometimes have signed one-way business contracts which aren’t allowing them to expand their work to other business opportunities.

We strongly recommend designers to read those contracts carefully and consult legal advice before signing anything that can maybe ruin their professional carreer.

Are you interested in uploading your designs and starting your own online greeting card shop? Please mail to

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